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26 January 2011 @ 04:55 pm
Seems like Arashi is trying to break yet another record. This time.... with CM's! d^^b
Not one, not two... it's three records that Arashi is trying to break! These records include:

i) highest number of versions of a TV commercial advertised on regular TV in 24 hrs
ii) highest number of versions of a TV commercial for the same product broadcast on one pay TV channel in 8 hrs
iii) highest number of versions of a TV commercial for the same product broadcast during a 30min tv show. 

There are going to be 60 versions of Arashi's new AU CM's all being aired in a 24hr period.
I hope Arashi will succeed!! ^^v

Credit: Japan_now
25 January 2011 @ 03:57 pm
It's that day of the year again.... Sho chan's Birthday!! *throws confetti*

Happy happy 29th birthday to our news zero+keio boy. Your past year has been so very busy and successful ^^
May you continue to be happy and healthy as you grow another year older XD
All the best and stay true to your adorable failing self :)
04 June 2010 @ 06:55 pm
Finally! Arashi's concert for this year has been announced! *throws confetti*

Once again, Arashi is breaking the record and will be holding concerts at the Kokuritsu and the 5 domes :D  Their first time, it was 2 days, then last year it was 3 days... this year it will be 4 days !! ^.^v
Their Kokuritsu concerts will be held on Aug 21, 22 and September 3, 4. The 5 dome concerts will start on Oct 29 and end Jan 15. In total, there will 16 concerts!! :D

In addition to their concert announcement, Arashi will be releasing thier album on Aug 4.  Their new CD is titled 僕の 見て いる風景, it will include 10 new songs and 5 new solos.

Arashi is definitely going to be very busy for the rest of the year! :D

Credit: Arashinino@VOX
25 April 2010 @ 07:05 pm

I hope that you will have a wonderful birthday.
Thank you for always writing lovely fanfics for us to read and dream about ^_^
Thank you your pretty works done on our boys' photos :)
Have a wonderful day girl~ (with dreams filled with Sho :D )


I'm so honoured and happy that you dedicated a fanfic for me!
You really have to "pinch me so that I'm not dreaming" that I get such a great gift.
You're one of my favorite fanfic writers and I can't believe that I'll be the main character :)  well..at least my name :P
I don't have a gift for you but I think you might like this:

(credits: chaix2)

I know that when I read your new fic it will be filled with these expressions from our Keio boy:)
Hopefully this picture will be an inspiration for you as well:) *hugs*

Thank you once again and everyone please support iemkhaye 's "Pinch me I'm dreaming"


*and no this is not an April Fool's post and it is the best April Fool's present that I have ever received :D *
25 March 2010 @ 10:08 am
Why wasn't Arashi chosen to be the first? >.< Why does it have to be him....

Wed, March 24, 2010 (6:17pm EDT)

Johnny's Jimusho made two announcements on Wednesday regarding popular boy band KAT-TUN. First, the group will be doing an Asia tour this year. Second, member Jin Akanishi (25) will not be participating in the tour, and will instead be preparing for a set of solo concerts in Los Angeles.

KAT-TUN's tour is scheduled to run from May to August. Most of the concerts will be in Japan, but a few of them will be held overseas. They will perform in Bangkok on July 31, in Seoul on August 6-7, and in Taipei on August 27-28. Other sources say that a Hawaii concert is also being considered.

However, Akanishi is expected to leave for Los Angeles in May to prepare for three concerts on June 19-20. These will be the first solo performances in the U.S. by a Johnny's artist.

This is not the first time that Akanishi has been to Los Angeles. From 2006 to 2007, he took a break from show business and spent half a year there to study English.

After a solo performance in February, Akanishi received an offer from American cable channel UTB, which focuses on Japanese programs. At the time, KAT-TUN's Asia tour had already been finalized, but after discussions with the other members and agency president Johnny Kitagawa, it was decided that the tour would go on without Akanishi. He agreed to three concerts on June 19-20 at the Club Nokia venue at the L.A. Live complex. It is said that he will perform the shows entirely in English.

Akanishi is expected to remain in Los Angeles until October. He will be involved in promotional activities and is considering additional U.S. concerts.

Source: Tokyograph

Someone (lady__ishtar ) left a comment on another site and I totally agree with the statement. "Contrasting this to Arashi, who when they had to do just one performance without Sho, they had the special customised routine with Sho on the screen at the back, and even CG'd him in at the end. This kind of group unity is something that makes bands like Arashi special, and the lack of it that's prevented me from becoming a big fan of KAT-TUN." Arashi puts so much effort in their group unity and it is definitely one of the main things that attract so many fans to them. I can't believe Akanishi won't be touring Asia with the rest of the group... can KAT-TUN still be considered a group when some are holding a concert in Asia and one member is holding his own concert at the same time on the other side of the world?

The only thing I can say is... let's hope this means that Johnny will allow Arashi to have a concert in America soon. Akanishi may be the first idol from Johnny's to hold a solo concert in the US, but Arashi will be the first group to blow America away with a 'storm' :D

So apparently Sho's sister has been working for NTV since her graduation from Seijo University. I was browsing through some sites and I found these pictures :D

I can see resemblance between Sho and his sister, especially in the second picture. The chipmunk cheeks, double lid eyes...though I have to say, Sho is so much cuter XD And in the last picture of her fixing her hair, her expression looks like Sho's :)

For those who are interested, here is a picture of Sho's dad :D
Sakurai Daddy? Seems like Sho got his eyes and mouth from his dad :) If you want to see more pictures of his dad, go here.

Now... we're just waiting for pictures of Sho's little brother....

Credit: vanillacherryice, mousoufest
24 January 2010 @ 10:12 pm
Happy Birthday 28th Sho-chan:)
Congratulations on all your success in your 27th year and hopefully this year it will be even more fruitful than last year.
Stay true to yourself as we love your fails and your adorkable cute self :D
21 November 2009 @ 09:08 am
Is it true?!?! After 5 years, Johnny has decided to hold the Johnny's Sports Festival again? Well, seems like it is!!! \^.^/

On November 19th Johnny & Associates announced that on December 13th at Tokyo Dome the 'ジャニーズ選抜大運動会 ~野球・リレー・ミニコンサート~ / Johnny's Senbatsu Dai-Undo-kai ~Yakyu・Relay・Mini-Concert~ [lit. 'Johnny's Selected Members Large Sports Festival ~Baseball・Relay Race・Mini-Concert~']' will be held. In the event, the various Johnny's members will compete in several sports games. The festival had been held in autumn every year from 1990 to 2004, so this will be the first time in 5 years that it will come back.
The members will be divided into Team Kanto [Eastern Japan] and Team Kansai [Western Japan]. Team Kansai will be lead by KinKi Kids member Domoto Koichi, and will include Uchi Hiroki, Nakayama Yuma and others! Team Kanto's captain will be KAT-TUN member Kamenashi Kazuya! Taguchi Junnosuke, Nakamaru Yuichi and more will join his team.
[Domoto] Koichi said "I'm a bit worried about whether I can properly play baseball, but I'll do my best and try not to get in the way." Kamenashi commented "It's been a while since we last got together to play baseball, so we're going to go crazy and have fun. We'll show everyone what we're made of!"
Only fan club members will be able to see the event, and doubtless they will have a great time seeing the members become 'boys' and seriously play sports. (credit Music Japan)

I wonder which team Arashi is going to be in or if they're going to be separated, but I'm sure it's going to be one crazy day... it's been a while since they have so many people with groups ranging from juniors to SMAP :)

December 13...Ready? Get Set? ARASHI!!!!!!!!!
19 November 2009 @ 06:38 pm
Happy Birthday Gwen!
*throws confetti and Nino face balloons* :P

I'm not sure if you're going to see this and I hope your laptop is ok :)
I hope that you will have a great birthday and thanks for all the love that you have shared with us.
I don't have a gift to present but I hope that you'll have a wonderful birthday filled with dreams of Nino and our lovely boys xP